SEO Book Tools

SEO Book offers several tools that can be extremely valuable to you. Some of these tools are free to use, and some are only available to members. You’ll have to register to use the free tools, but you can create a free account very easily.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

This free & powerful tool is powered by WordTracker, and provides very useful information about keywords.

You enter your keyword, and you’ll be shown how many times per day that keyword is searched for on Google, Yahoo and Bing. You’ll also see suggestions for related keywords you could optimize for.

Keyword List Generator

The keyword list generator is a free tool to help you generate a large number of keyword phrases based on the keywords you enter. You enter your key search terms, and modifiers like “find, purchase, buy, online”.

It will then produce a large list of keywords made up of combinations here. This can be very useful if you are putting together a list of exact terms to bid for in your PPC advertising.

Keyword Density Analyzer

This free tool will analyse the page you specify and provide a breakdown of the key words and phrases, showing their density relative to page content. Keyword density isn’t as important as it used to be, but this is still a useful tool.