The SEO Book is the perfect resource for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization.

It used to be a book

Once, the SEO Book was an actual book.  We told everyone we knew to read it, because it was such a great resource. However, the internet marketing industry has changed so much, and changes so frequently, that a book becomes out-dated too quickly to be worthwhile.

So the SEO Book is now a fully fledged membership website, founded by guru Aaron Wall. Put simply, it is a training program. It also has premium tools that make your life MUCH easier, and a members-only support forum used by many of the world’s best optimizers.

Training Program

The training program has over 100 modules, and covers Keyword Research, Link Building, Site Architecture, Monetization, PPC Advertising, Result Tracking, and much much more.

Premium Tools

SEO Book offers free tools for Keyword Suggestions, generating robots.txt files, checking your server’s header responses, as well as some very useful extensions for Firefox.

Premium members get premium tools. These are the tools you never knew you needed. They provide powerful yet simple methods to carry out competitor research, compare keywords, and finding high-ranked pages related to your own.

Support Forum




If you’re not ready to pay for premium membership, try the Free 7-Day Course for beginners. This primer course will show you the ropes, and give you a taste of what you can access as a full member!