Get Top Search Engine Rankings – Expert’s Secrets Revealed!

Update:  22 August 2011 – Aaron Wall has discontinued the sales of his extremely popular SEO Book that I review below.

He now has an excellent SEO Book Community & Internet Marketing Training Program that provides an enormous amount of information and advice – making search engine work just that bit easier! Excellent value and the best SEO resource available.

I’ll keep the video up because it’s a great example that he really knows his stuff.


Hello, my name is Brendon Sinclair and welcome to

I’d like to show you how I to take your site to the top of the search engines and bring in thousands of visitors and thousands of sales. Just like I did with a site that now takes in $5,000 per day in sales.

I’ll review the search engine optimization e-book that I followed for fantastic results – results that took one of my websites, to the top of the search engines for hugely competitive search terms.

By following this seo e-book, I achieved stunning search engine results within a few months that resulted in thousands of visitors and sales – up to an incredible $5,000 per day. is a web site that sells ugg boots to customers all around the world.

This is from in December 2005 – one of the world’s leading search engines – and shows the results when you type in the term “ugg boots“.

As you can see we’re number 1 of almost half a million results. That’s hard to do with any term, but for “ugg boots” it’s especially difficult because “ugg boots” is such a competitive term. Many companies spend big money trying to get the top result. All I spent was $79 on the e-book I’ll review here.

As you can from the Overture Suggestion Tool, in November 2005 over 108,000 searches were done for the term “ugg boots”. That’s about 3,600 searches per day. Each and every day.

So you can see why being at the top of MSN results in huge sales. Masses of people searching for our product, we’re at the top of the listing, we get thousands of visitors. We make sales.

And not only are we # 1 in, but we’re also high in the rankings of As you can see, we’re # 5 in Yahoo for the term “ugg boots”. That’s 5th out of 2.5 million results.

Simply amazing.

These rankings result in thousands of people visiting our site. And that means huge sales and thousands and thousands of dollars.

Now obviously, the top positions get the most clicks. Every study I’ve ever read shows that position number 1 gets the most visitors, followed by position, # 2, then position # 3, and so on.

In fact 95% of people don’t ever go past the first 2 pages of results.

If you get to the top of the rankings you can get masses of visitors and make a lot of sales. And because there are no ongoing advertising costs, a high search engine ranking will be your most effective web site marketing – and as I’ve seen, it can be extremely profitable.

I’ll now talk a bit about who I am so you know where I am coming from.

Okay, my name is Brendon Sinclair.

I’ve been in the web industry for over 8 years and have developed hundreds and hundreds of web sites.

I’m the author of the Web Design Business Kit – in 2004 it won the Web Design Library’s Editor’s Choice for the Best Book on Web Design and it’s had sales in excess of $1 million.

I also write the SitePoint Tribune – a newsletter on web business and marketing that goes out to 135,000 subscribers.

I’m the Vice President of the Gold Coast Media Club and am mentioned in numerous media – TV, radio, print and the Internet – as a leading Internet expert.

Like I said, I’ve developed and marketed hundreds and hundreds of web sites and I know what works and I know what doesn’t.

I know the impact a truly successful site can have – one of our sites once did 1/4 million in sales in just a matter of hours after being mentioned on a national Current Affairs TV show.

We developed another web site in July 2004 that went from 0 to $20,000 per day in sales.

In short, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen a lot on the web and because of all my writing and media exposure, I’m often asked to review the latest in software or e-books.

I only recommend a handful of web products and what I do recommend you be assured they are the best available.

When I found this e-book I’ll review in a moment it was like finding a diamond in the rough.

Because when it comes to search engine optimisation there are a million and one so called experts out there.

But the author of this e-book backed up all of the theory with easy to follow practical applications and real results.

Results that mean thousands of new visitors. And that equates to a lot of sales.

Here are the basic things you need to do as a start to achieving high search engine rankings:

  • Understand how se’s work (how they rank, how they rank differently)
  • Select the ‘right’ keywords (finding words, competitor analysis)
  • Optimise your web page as well as possible (title, meta description, headings, sub-headings & page copy)
  • Use internal and external links for maximum effect
  • Build quality content
  • Monitor results (Digital Point, Google Analytics, Stats)

The author of this e-book understand all of that. He knows the intricacies way better than I ever would and wrote his e-book in a simple to understand style that anyone can follow and apply.

What you get is:

  • a well-written easy to follow 140 page plus e-book detailing how to effectively develop your web site to achieve high search engine rankings.
  • Importantly, the e-book is updated very regularly and you get free lifetime updates!
  • Access to the exact same tools the author uses for his search engine work. These tools alone can save you countless hours of research and testing.
  • A quality directory listing for submitting your web site to.
  • Free 15 minute consultation with the author (that also is worth $99).

All from a guy who is widely considered to be one of the true search engine experts and his blog is rated the 2nd best blog on search engine optimization by the highly respected Search Engine Journal.

I’ll take you direct to the author’s site shortly. At just $79 this e-book is incredible value. It’s the best value e-book I have ever bought or seen and can be worth, literally, thousands and thousands of dollars.

I really can’t say enough about this e-book. And importantly, the author continues play a major role in the professional seo community and uses his ever-increasing knowledge to update the e-book on a regular basis.

I urge you to buy the e-book, implement the strategies on your own web site and reap the rewards you deserve.